Join the S.A.A.

To become a member of the Sebringville Athletic Association:

Call Joan at 519-393-6569 or print the form and mail it 

Membership Form pdf - Membership Form doc

	  S.A.A. Membership cost is  $15 for a single membership and $30 for a family membership. 

		The membership is one year from April of the current year to April of the following year. 
Being an S.A.A. member is a great and easy way for you to support your community and enjoy the many other benefits of our supporters.

S.A.A. Membership Benefits

-$75 off of full hall rentals (Fridays and Saturdays)

-$5 off ball registration  per child (excluding Blastball)

-$2 off S.A.A. events (not including bingos) 

-1 Free Bingo Card at our bingo events

-Monthly Membership Draw 

-A newsletter each month, sent by mail, and email!